Welcome to the Political Apologies and Reparations Other Resources page. The Other Resources page contains a list of various resources related to political apologies and reparations. These resources include links to related websites, information on current research in the field, links to applicable books and academic journals, and information concerning upcoming and past conferences concerning political apologies and reparations. The entries on this page are sorted according to the date in which they were entered into the database.

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Political Apologies and Reparations Resources

Other Resources

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Genocide and Human Rights Summer Institute
This institute introduces teachers to the intertwined issues of genocide and human rights. Although the terms were not coined until the 20 th century, there is a long-standing historical and philosophical heritage to both.

Globalization & Autonomy Online Compendium
The Globalization & Autonomy Online Compendium is a collective publication of the team, which includes leading Canadian and international scholars investigating the complex relationship between globalization and the autonomy of individuals, communities, and nation-states.

Holocaust Claims and Reparations Links
This website provides a sizeable list of Holocaust claims and reparations website links. It is run by the Holocaust Claims Processing Office of the New York State Banking Department set up by New York governor George E. Pataki in 1997.

Human Rights & Human Diversity
The Human Rights & Human Diversity site is intended as a resource and not as a full-fledged course on human rights. Students may use it for research projects. Teachers may pull out a unit or even a page at a time to fit in with their current courses.

Human Rights Institute - University of Connecticut
The Human Rights Institute has two core missions: first, to coordinate human rights initiatives at the University of Connecticut and support faculty and students who study human rights; and second to promote a unique approach to international human rights scholarship based upon contextual and multidisciplinary research in the social sciences, humanities and law.

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