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Political Apologies and Reparations Document List Details

'Slavery Still With Us' - Archbishops Publish YouTube Reflection

Author: Archbishops of Canterbury and York
Source: Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury (Link)
Date: 14 March 2007
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Document Type: Original Source
Donor: Church of England (Archbishop of Canterbury) Event Date: circa 1619 until the early nineteenth century
Recipient: Descendants of Slaves Reparation Date: 14 March 2007

Between approximately 1619 and 1807 a large number of Africans were transported to the Americas, the Caribbean and elsewhere as slaves to be used as forced domestic and agricultural labourers.  Much of the trade in slaves was carried out by British merchants and shippers with the support of the British Government.  The Church of England during this time was the direct and indirect owner of a number of slaves and profited greatly from the slave trade.




In preparation for the Walk of Witness to be held on March 24, 2007, and during the course of his visit to the slave market at Zanzibar, Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams created a video interview during which he outlined his impressions upon visiting the site where slaves awaited transportation to the Americas.  During the course of the interview he spoke out against the Atlantic slave trade and modern forms of slavery, including 'debt slavery' and the slavery of sex trafficking.


The Archbishop of York was also present and comments during the video interview.  The interview itself was posted on YouTube.


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