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Political Apologies and Reparations Document List Details

Prime Minister Helen Clark's Historic Apology

Author: Helen Clark, Prime Minister (New Zealand)
Source: Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs, New Zealand
Date: 03 June 2002
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Document Type: Original Source
Donor: Helen Clark, Prime Minister (New Zealand) Event Date: 1 August 1914-1 January 1962
Recipient: Samoa Reparation Date: 3 June 2002

The state of Samoa, formerly known as Western Samoa, was under the control of New Zealand from August 1914 until its independence on January 1, 1962. During this period, the government of New Zealand allowed a ship carrying passengers infected with influenza to dock in the islands capital city, Apia. The flu spread quickly, causing an epidemic that killed 22% of the Samoan population. Other incidents include the shooting of non-violent protestors in 1929 by New Zealand police, and the stripping of traditional 'chiefly' titles by the early colonial administration.




Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark, acknowledged the role of New Zealand in several tragedies that occurred while Samoa was under the control of New Zealand. Prime Minister Clark also offered a formal apology to the people of Samoa for injustices suffered at the hands of New Zealand colonial administration.


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