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Political Apologies and Reparations Document List Details

Italy to pay Libya $5 billion US in compensation for colonial rule

Author: The Associated Press
Source: CBC News (Link)
Date: 30 August 2008
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Document Type: Press
Donor: Italy Event Date: ca. 1911-1943
Recipient: Libya Reparation Date: 30 August 2008

In 1912, as part of the Treaty of Lausanne with Turkey, Italy was ceded control over the area that would become Libya.  Italian colonization of the area commenced in 1912, and ended with the fall of Libya to British General Montgomery in 1943.  Following the Second World War Libya gained its independence. 

During the period of colonization Italy imposed a government on Libya that has been described as "brutal" and "oppressive."  Huge exactions of resources were levied against the population, whose living conditions grew continually worse during the period of occupation by Italy.  In addition a large portion of the local Bedouin population died during the occupation, either as the result of direct conflict with Italian troops or as the result of starvation brought about by being interned.


Italy to pay $5 billion US in compensation.


Italy has agreed to pay $5 billion US to Libya as compensation for injustices suffered during the period of colonization.