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Political Apologies and Reparations Document List Details

$5 Billion Nazi Slave Fund Agreed

Author: BBC Staff
Source: BBC News (Link)
Date: 14 December 1999
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Document Type: Press
Donor: Germany Event Date: 1 September 1939 - 8 May 1945
Recipient: Nazi Slave Labourers Reparation Date: 14 December 1999

Between 1933 and 1945, an estimated 6 million Jews and other Europeans were murdered by officials of Adolf Hitler's Nazi government in Germany, and millions more were displaced or forced to work as slave labourers in German factories owned by companies such as IBM and Siemens.


A fund of $5.2 billion (USD).


"US and German negotiators have agreed on a compensation fund worth $5.2 billion (USD) for Nazi slave labourers."


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